Samples Of Sandra’s Renovations:


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Below you will find some before and after photos which showcase our work.

Bathroom before renovations.

The Oak Street apartment bathroom during renovations.

Bright and fresh new look.

The completed bathroom has a fresh new look, with new floor tiles for character.

1 ADD Kitchen before

In the kitchen of the Addison Street condo, the 50-year old tile countertops were replaced with Caesarstone.

1 ADD Kitchen after

A new ceramic cooktop, a new refrigerator, a new stainless steel sink and faucets, including a filtered water system, and a new tile backsplash and mosaic brought the kitchen into the 21st century.

2 ADD M shower before

In the Addison Street condo master bath shower, the old tile was replaced with new tile and decorative trim.

2 ADD M shower after

A new adjustable showerhead, and a new frameless tempered glass door were added.

3 ADD M sink before

A new vanity cabinet with drawers, new Caesarstone countertop, and matching backsplash tile replaced the old cabinet and tile countertop.

3 ADD M sink after

A new faucet, a new medicine cabinet with mirrors inside the doors, and a new light fixture completed the project.

4 HES Bath before 1

The Hesperia house bathroom began with redwood paneling and an overall dark look.

4 HES Bath after

A new granite countertop, new flooring, new lighting, and having the redwood paneling painted transformed the bathroom from a dungeon to a delight.

5 HES Corner before

New planting beds with lavender and draught resistant plants added interest. A new hand-built mailbox was installed to replace a hole in the front door, and cypress trees were thinned out to let light into the new tempered glass picture window.

5 HES Corner after

The DWP contributed a rebate for having the turf removed and replaced with decomposed granite pathways, rocks, draught resistant ground cover and plants, and replacing the overhead sprinklers with a drip system.

6 HES Kitchen before

In the Hesperia Street house kitchen, the warped cabinet doors and some trim were removed for convenient open shelving.

6 HES Kitchen after

New cabinet doors and drawers made life easier; the original cabinet framework was kept to control costs and to preserve the recently installed granite countertops. New cabinet handles and a new sink and faucets added quality and gave the kitchen a more contemporary look.

7 HES Yard before

The Hesperia Street house backyard was enriched with new plantings around the tangerine tree.

7 HES Yard after

Uneven grass was leveled out, and new plants and flowers accented the new fence.

8 SUN Entrance before

In the Sunset property entrance, overgrown shrubs were removed and replaced with draught resistant plants.

8 SUN Entrance after

The building was painted and the old-fashioned shutters were removed to make the walkway feel brighter and more inviting.

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