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Sandra Kapin

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sandra carried on a family tradition by entering the real estate profession in 1978. She began her real estate career as a sales person in Sonora, a rural town in northern California. She has maintained a broker’s license since 1988.

In those days, the agents had to really do their groundwork: research zoning, determine soil percolation, guestimate how deep you must dig your well. There were no centralized property databases, and no computers! After selling assorted properties such as a house on a lake, mobilehomes, and a pig farm, Sandra shifted her focus to property management.

In 1981, Sandra returned to Los Angeles with her two sons, now grown. She joined Coldwell Banker Management Services in Century City. With experience in mobilehome parks, Sandra became a Property Manager for Hochman, Salkin, and DeRoy, a prestigious law firm in Beverly Hills.

Since 1991, when she started her own company (dba Allure Real Estate since 2006) Sandra has handled a wide variety of properties throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Her real estate activities include sales, management, and renovations of houses, apartments, condominiums, common areas, and landscaping. Our motto is: Enhance and Enrich.

Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark

Meet our new Sales Associate, Matt Clark.

With years of experience marketing real estate properties, both as a sales associate and working for “Realtor.com,” Matt has the ability to listen to your wish list and translate it into your dream home.

Allure Real Estate is a customer-oriented enterprise. We measure our success by your satisfaction.


“I am extremely grateful to Sandra for showing me how important income property is for a well-rounded investment and retirement strategy.”
– Daniel G.