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At Allure, We Measure Our Success By Your Satisfaction 

What we do

The mission of Allure Real Estate is to help buyers find the most suitable property and guide them through the purchase process; it is to help sellers find the hidden potential in their property so that it sells quickly for a great price.

The Allure Team can advise sellers on how to stage a property and recommend renovations.  Sandra’s specialty is finding that jewel in the rough and helping you to bring out its sparkle.

Matthew Clark, a Sales Associate, is noted for his ability to listen to his customers and find them exactly what they are looking for.

At Allure, we measure our success by your satisfaction.

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“I am extremely grateful to Sandra for showing me how important income property is for a well-rounded investment and retirement strategy.”
Daniel G

“After commuting many times to LA, I was lucky to meet Matt Clark of Allure Real Estate. We found a tired, but great property in Hollywood. Matt was very patient and extremely helpful throughout my purchase. We’re currently looking for other properties to buy! I would recommend Allure highly and appreciate Matt’s loyalty and commitment.” Matthew A.

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